Design an Appealing Garden With These Simple Tips.

It doesn't matter if you have a lot of gardening experience or if you are planning your very first garden, gardening design is something that you really need to consider. This will depend on the amount of space you have, the type of plants you're planting and what kind of look you prefer. It is important to plan this out as carefully as you possibly can because it can be hard to change the design once you've put it into place. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting possibilities for designing a garden of your own.
The color of the plants can become the focal point of garden design for many people and plant texture is often ignored. Yet the texture, which includes the way a plant looks and feels to the touch, is also an important element. Even though some people like it when plant colors are complimentary to each other, it sometimes isn't practical. Perhaps for example you are planting a garden where the predominate color is green. A way to make your garden more interesting is to vary the types of textures of your plants which creates variety. Some plants can have a coarse feel while others can have foliage that is smooth. You can create diversity by paying attention to plant textures and arranging them in certain ways. Japanese gardens have a look that's both exotic and yet simple. You might want to include some of these elements in your own garden. You can look into traditional plants that are used in Japanese gardens, such as bonsai trees or cherry trees. You could try other types of Japanese gardens such as the traditional Zen rock garden, or simply use some Japanese ornaments to enhance the look of your garden. One attractive feature is the bamboo fountain which would give your garden a relaxing atmosphere. Stone lanterns are another decoration that can create the atmosphere of a Japanese garden. You can use these not only as an attractive decoration during the day, but also as an energy efficient way to uniquely light your garden at night.
It's true that some people want their gardens to seem wild and natural but it is also true that some people prefer a far more structured look to things. Formal garden designs are for people who prefer gardens with clean lines and neat rows of plants and flowers. It's possible to find inspiration by looking at different formal garden models like the English and French models that are commonly used.
Hedges can be really great when you are building a formal garden because they offer natural barriers for enclosing your plants. Some formal gardens even include topiaries which are hedges and bushes cut and sculpted to look like shapes you'll recognize, like animals. Because formal garden designs require everything to be pristinely presented, they often require more work than other kinds of gardens.
Gardening design is great for being creative and a well designed garden truly is a work of art. It doesn't matter if your garden is small and container based on your patio or large and spread across a yard, when you put real effort into its design, it is going to offer you a much more pleasing result. Study a variety of garden designs for inspiration, but don't be afraid to include your own personal touches.

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